Dugstock 2017: Live Review

Umlaut Records took on board a similar idea to the TNS Tour, showcasing their own talent. This was, however, a two date event at the New Cross Inn, for the annual weekend known as Dugstock. Twenty bands flocked to South London, a mixture of subgenres from hardcore to skate punk, all of them packing the party vibes that Dugstock aimed to thrive off.

However, highlights came from the likes of hardcore punk acts Pizza Tramp and Darko, who packed a much harder punch to the mostly melodic lineup. It was impactful, created a frenzy in the crowds and had people losing their voices as they sang along. Eat Defeat grabbed our attention the most, though by unleashing beach balls into the crowd. The ball floating around the room may have distracted the crowd from the performance, but it was clear everyone had a blast as waves of pop-punk flowed in the background to beach ball mania.

Written by Mike Hall


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