Interview with Adam Sedgewick of King Leviathan

Easter Sunday is usually a chilled-out day for many people, time to catch up with family and stuff your face full of chocolate. The same can’t be said for King Leviathan guitarist and singer Adam Sedgewick, who was busy working as a stage manager on a Mammothfest event which brought death metal icons, Vader, to the south coast city of Brighton.

Luckily for him, King Leviathan are also playing this event and the lead man is thrilled to be on the same bill as the legends. Which a gleeful look in his eye, Sedgewick chimes “It’s quite exciting, they are the kind of band that you sit there when you are a kid and they are tied with some of the biggest bands in the extreme metal scene, you just think it would be so cool to play with Vader someday.”

This was also a special occasion for the band in that this was King Leviathans last hometown show before they release next album. Though, in his own teasing manner when approached on the topic, Sedgewick was keeping a lot to his chest. He does, however, reveal “I can tell you it will be out very soon, we are in the final stages of getting it ready. There are nine tracks on it and it’s going to be awesome.”.It’s not a lot, but during their performance, we were treated to four new songs, all of them far more melodic than their usual brand of thrash metal.

This moves us onto the inspirations of King Leviathan as a band. For the first time in this talk, Sedgewick gets serious with me. He opens up that for a while the band weren’t too happy with the way they were being pigeonholed with trash metal, just because they have thrash metal influences.  “The difference is we are not the typical beer drinking thrash band like most other acts.” King Leviathan almost felt like they had an issue being called a thrash band, but now Sedgwick can reflect on why that was. He says “We shouldn’t have, and we don’t now, but at a certain point, it did bother us because we were trying to be heavier, aiming towards more of a black metal and death metal vibe.”

With the yet to be named album on the horizon, the band appears to be a lot happier and a lot more focused on their own sound than fitting in with certain scenes, as long as it’s heavy they want to be a part of it. “We stripped it back to do what we like, and now we’re influenced by the likes of Gojira, behemoth, Sylosis, Rotting Christ. A lot of the more epically extreme bands,” chimes Sedgewick as he has that bright spark in his eye again.

“We don’t like taking from one direction or style, and it’s not the case of we don’t like doing it because it’s rubbish. We just get bored doing it any other way. If it feels like we’ve done it before, we don’t like it, so we’ll immediately do something different and this is apparent on the new album.” From what we have heard so far, it’s clear the band have experimented with their sound without sacrificing what makes them, them.

We moved on to talk about the event that Sedgewick is now working on and the organisation of Mammothfest that is continuously building on the Brighton metal community. Sedgewick has been involved with the festival since 2014 as King Leviathan has been in every lineup up until now. Sedgewick then joined the street team and technical crew in 2015 and has become a huge part of how the events run.

With that in mind, he was always going to have popular things to say about the festival. “Mammothfest is incredible at bringing the local metal community together at lot more,” he says proudly. Since Mammothfest has been running as a festival again, there definitely seems to be a growth in connectivity between metal fans and bands.

Sedgewick is excited about all the future plans of the festival and the opportunities that keep unfolding based on what Mammothfest is bringing to his local scene. “This year we have Fleshgod Apocalypse and Rotting Christ. It’s not a usual thing that we’d have either of those bands playing here in Brighton because it’s not usually a touring spot for both bands. So, Mammothfest is bringing something that the local scene doesn’t get to see regularly.”

It’s not just what is happening in Brighton that has Sedgewick excited though. King Leviathan are to play Thrashersaurus in Norwich at the end of the month, featuring metal favourites Onslaught as headliners. More importantly to Sedgewick though is that his good friends in Wretched Soul will be there. Like an eager child, the King Leviathan man has a huge grin on his face as he says “We are so excited to see those guys again as we haven’t seen them since our tour together in 2015. I’m buzzing to catch up with those lads and share Alan Partridge quotes with them.”

More ominously though, Sedgewick reveals that King Leviathan have “plans”. Again keeping a lot to his chest. “We have one day in September that hasn’t been announced yet but we are very excited to play if it does come together.” He does know how to keep us guessing.

We move onto the idea of collaborations. A conversation started due to Sedgwick Sedgewick joining nu-metallers Anti-Clone on stage at Mammothfest’s Christmas party last December. When asked if he would like to officially collaborate with a band on a recording, Sedgewick was very open to the thought of it. “It’s one of those things where we’d love to, but it’s so difficult to get both parties in the same place,” he adds.

Apparently, King Leviathan had some guest spots in mind for the new album, but they fell through due to lack of time when people we free to do it. Speaking of who the dream matchups would be, “ It would obviously be Behemoth because they are our favourite band ever, but also our mates in Vehement and King Goat.” These may be the options for the future, but for now, we get tracks that are purely King Leviathan.

Things are looking exciting for the Brighton band and events they are associated with, as a collective all parties look like things are coming together nicely. You can also check out our less than serious post-interview questions video below.

Written by Mike Hall


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