Interview with Adam Sedgewick of King Leviathan

Easter Sunday is usually a chilled-out day for many people, time to catch up with family and stuff your face full of chocolate. The same can’t be said for King Leviathan guitarist and singer Adam Sedgewick, who was busy working as a stage manager on a Mammothfest event which brought death metal icons, Vader, to … Continue reading Interview with Adam Sedgewick of King Leviathan


Interview with Synaptik

On March 10th, Norwich metallers, Synaptik released their second album, 'Justify & Reason', just a couple of months following a re-released and remastered version of their debut album, 'The Mechanisms of Consequence'. In the build up to the release, I caught up with the band, speaking to guitarist Ian Knight, his brother and the band's … Continue reading Interview with Synaptik