Dugstock 2017: Live Review

Umlaut Records took on board a similar idea to the TNS Tour, showcasing their own talent. This was, however, a two date event at the New Cross Inn, for the annual weekend known as Dugstock. Twenty bands flocked to South London, a mixture of subgenres from hardcore to skate punk, all of them packing the … Continue reading Dugstock 2017: Live Review


Bolshy – Reap The Storm: Album Review

The more you search DIY punk scene, the more gems you seem to find. Bolshy is one of these gems — the ska-punks from Liverpool have taken the UK underground scene by storm and they aren’t stopping as they release their debut album, “Reap the Storm”. This is an album that combines elements of skacore, … Continue reading Bolshy – Reap The Storm: Album Review

TNS Tour: Live Review

TNS Records have become arguably the most popular Punk DIY label over the last couple of years. With an ever growing roster of great bands, they have decided to show them off on all TNS bands tour across the country. The second night of the tour took them to the iconic Camden Underworld, which was … Continue reading TNS Tour: Live Review